My Nailcandy is now available exclusively at Kruidvat & Trekpleister

Exclusively at Kruidvat & Trekpleister

gel polish stickers

Available now at Kruidvat & Trekpleister

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For a perfect look with My Nailcandy

in the box

In each box you will find 20 gel polish nail stickers and a file set. ✨

One box contains 1 sheet of 20 nail stickers in various sizes, a sticker to seal the nail sheet, 1 wooden stick & 1 nail file. The UV Led Lamp is sold seperately.

UV Led Lamp

Enjoy the luxury of a professional gel manicure at home. 💫

Experience the luxury of a gel manicure at home or on the go with our separately available, trendy UV LED lamp. Equipped with a timer, this compact lamp provides perfectly shiny nails in just 60 seconds!

New Arrivals

Now in stores: trendy new colors! 😍 We love to spice things up!

We love to spice things up! That’s why we are introducing some brand new colors!


Sometimes, pink is all you need! When do you choose pink? 💗

Our favorite, Hot Pink, is available at Kruidvat and Trekpleister.

exclusively at

gel polish stickers

Choose from a variety of trendy colors. Glam up in a snap!

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Which one is your favorite?

Tips & Tricks

Tips & tricks for perfect nails. Click on a tip for more explanation.

Leave the stickers in the package as long as possible, until you are sure to use them. Are you finished / yet opened? Then seal the package again neatly with the silver sticker.

All done right, and the gel polish stickers are still soft? Don’t panic! Did you leave the nails under the special My Nailcandy UV lamp for at least 60 seconds? Hold your nails under the lamp again, this time a little longer.

Use the included wooden manicure stick to gently push aside the strap of your nail before applying your favorite gel polish sticker. This will ensure a beautiful, natural finish.

Have you found the right size nail sticker? Then carefully fold the excess piece of sticker over your natural nail. That way you can then file this piece away a lot easier.

Using our special mini My Nailcandy UV LED lamp is really necessary. The nail stickers are only partially pre-cured during adhesion. Under our special UV LED lamp, they are fully cured in 60 seconds. So without the use of the lamp, your nail stickers will not fully harden and/or will not stick.

Don’t worry if your gel stickers are not perfectly filed before curing. On the contrary, it is better to file under the lamp after curing; then the stickers are strong and well formed.

perfect nails in no time

video tutorial

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step by step

The perfect at-home manicure!

1. Prep & Pick

Choose your favorite My Nailcandy design. Before you begin, clean your nails thoroughly with an alcohol wipe.

2. Stick & Shape

Stick the gel polish sticker onto your nail, press firmly and file away excess for a perfect fit!

3. UV Magic

Let your nails cure for 1 minute under the special My Nailcandy UV lamp for a long-lasting, radiant finish!

4. Nailed it!

You're ready to shine! Enjoy beautiful, salon-quality nails every day.


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